Mastercard Credit card “Summer Campaign 2018”  ذكرياتك احلى مع رفيقة دربك –

  • 4 Trips to Paris "family package".

  • 20,000.00 USD for 20 winners.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The campaign ends on 31/12/2018.
  2. The withdrawal will be conducted at the end of each cycle of each month.
  3. Winners are announced at the beginning of each month.
  4. Eligible clients are individuals holding any type of Quds Bank MasterCard credit cards (Primary and Supplementary).“Silver, Titanium, World
  5. The campaign includes all local and international purchase transactions and does not include cash withdrawals.
  6. Minimum to qualify and enter the draw for prizes is the total monthly purchases with total amount of 200.00 USD or its equivalent in other currencies.
  7. Use your Quds Bank MasterCard credit card for purchases; with every use of your credit card of $ 200 (or equivalent in other currencies) you will get extra chance of winning.
  8. Prizes consist of 20 prizes amounting to 20,000.00 USD – where each prize is 1,000.00 USD for each winner.

8.1 Draws will be held monthly whereby 5 winners will be announced monthly in:

July, August, October, November.

8.2 Cash Prizes will be credit to the credit card account.

  1. Prizes consist of 4 Trips to Paris awarded to MasterCard credit card holders.

9.1 Draws will be held quarterly whereby 2 winners will be announced in:

September, December.

  1. Trip expenses are paid for family trip (2 Adults & 2 Children under 12 years old) including air tickets in addition to accommodation and 4 Disneyland Paris pass tickets.
  2. If the winner is unable to benefit from the trip or does not want to take the trip for any reason, we will credit him 2000 USD into his credit card account instead.
  3. Winners should benefit from the prize and travel before the 31st of September, 2019.
  4. Winners are responsible for all visa procedures and expenses.
  5. Get a new card to be issued during the campaign period to have a double chance to enter the draw, provided to be used for purchases of at least $ 200 (or equivalent in other currencies) during the campaign period.
  6. The winner should give an answer of acceptance/refusal within 4 working days after the draw’s announcement, if not, the bank reserves the right to transfer the prize to another winner, and the winner will not receive any alternative prize or the cash prize equivalent.
  7. Prizes are not transferable.
  8. The bank reserves the right to announce the winner’s name, data and photo in local newspapers, the bank’s website, TVs, radios or any other media channel based on signing on no-objection letter and terms & conditions).
  9. In case the winner refuses to appear in media, another draw for another winner will be conducted.
  10. The client cannot win the prize more than once during the campaign’s period.
  11. The bank reserves the right to amend any of the campaign’s terms and conditions and to terminate the campaign at any time with prior notice to both Palestine Monitory Authority and clients.
  12. The campaign does not include cards with unpaid premiums due and deactivated cards.
  13. The campaign excludes the bank’s board of directors and employees, their spouses and sons.
  14. Prizes are subject to income tax. 
  15. Under fair use.