The Cashback Feature’s Terms and Conditions:

  1. Eligible customers are individuals holding Quds Bank MasterCard Credit Card (Primary & Supplementary) including only.
  2. QUDS Bank employees and their relevant are included in this feature. (Cardholders)
  3. Credit Cards should be active and not cancelled or blocked at during the feature’s.
  4. Use your MasterCard Credit limit for purchases with minimum billing amount 100$ (or its equivalent in other currencies) to qualify for cashback up to 12%.
  5. All MasterCard customers that spend according to the below criteria will be eligible to win Cashback up to 12% as below table: 


Billing Amount in USD $



Cash Back Maximum Value ($)

100 – 2,999

1 %


3,000 - 5,999

2 %


6,000 - 9,999

4 %


10,000 - 14,999

7 %


15,000 - Open

12 %




  1. Cashback up to 12% of your total purchases (with a maximum of 1800 USD) and within your card spending limit when using your MasterCard credit at any POS that have MasterCard sign.
  2. Cashback is calculated based on the total purchases amount during the month, according to the specified billing amount bracket on the table above.
  3. Only purchase transactions locally and internationally are included in the cashback feature’s.
  4. The Cashback up to 12% will take place at the second working day after the end of cycle of each month.
  5. The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this feature at any time upon announcement.
  6. The Bank reserves the right to terminate this feature at any time upon announcement.
  7. Under fair use.