Account for Each Citizen

Primary Account Benefits:

  • Saving service encouragement to be developed later fulfilling customers’ aspirations and requirements.
  • Free of Charge for account opening.
  • No minimum balance limit.
  • Grant another chance to customers who experienced default situations in past transacting with banks accordingly.
  • Encourage account owners whose accounts were subjected to steady income (private or government payments) to save through programs specially designed for.
  • Enhance E-banking use services conductingbanking transactions through primary account.
  • Provide other banking services at low costs and high quality, whereas these services shall compete with services being provided by alternative parties or institutions such as, international and local money-transfers, bill payment, saving, e-banking services and dealing with international and local money markets.
  • Enhance ATMs usage spread across country as well as provide the largest possible amount of banking services via ATMs including, withdrawal and depositing in all currencies.
  • Money transfer from and to account internally and externally.
  • Provide credit products which fulfill the needs of the citizens of average and low income, for example, determine limits of consumer loans, credit cards and financing imported cars (new and used) as well as other products that suit needs and capacities of this category.
  • Opening a citizen primary account is not to purchase of a certain banking service or product but shall be to anti-money laundering instructions.


Banking products’ characteristics that meet campaigns’ requirements:

Primary account campaign realized a “saving account” offers the following:

  • Free of opening commission.
  • No minimum limit.
  • Movements on the counter withdrawals are determined at three commission-free monthly movements; subsequent movements are imposed with a reasonable commission.
  • ATM card provided that the issuance currency be exempted from fees or is represented in the minimum limit of the issuance currency, in addition to not collecting any fees for the use of the ATM card for this account.  
  • E-services provided that are exempted from fees and commissions.