Quds Bank MasterCard


Making you special!

Suiting everyone


Quds Bank offers you a new level added value through MasterCard cards to suit your lifestyle and enjoy the highest standards of luxury and passion by further examination of the following benefits:

  • Priority Pass card’s service allows you to enjoy your time in more than 600 distinctive airport waiting lounges worldwide.
  •  An integrated set of Priceless Arabia offers which allow you to enjoy pleasurable experiences such as, shopping, foods, entertainment and sports…locally and globally.
  • Emergency and urgent assistant services for the holder of the card, worldwide.


In addition to the following primary benefits:

  • Convenient payment method starting from only 5% of the balance value.
  • Grace period up to 45 days without interests.
  • Possibility of cash withdrawals from any ATM bearing the MasterCard logo, worldwide.
  • Shopping through millions of commercial stores and POS spread locally and globally.


For more benefits and numerous distinctive services, locally and globally, that are unique to MasterCard Platinum, please visit one of our branches.

Subject to the conditions and provisions of the Bank.